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Photography Gear

Compacts – For the ultimate in portability while travelling, a compact camera will be the ideal companion, as it will take up hardly any space. Lots of cameras have lengthy zooms in a small package with a 20x optical zoom. Most compacts also have wide-angle lenses at 28mm or less; ideal for capturing landscapes and group shots.

Superzooms – These cameras are typically bigger than their compact counterparts, with lengthy zooms in an SLR-styled body. They have manual controls and heaps of features, perfect for a photographer who wants to tweak just about everything. Hotshoes and other SLR-like options may also be present.

Batteries – Rechargeable lithium-ion, one-use AA or rechargeable AA? A camera that uses AA gives flexibility when travelling in remote areas without a power source, but the cameras that use these batteries are generally bulkier. Lithium-ion batteries are more environmentally friendly, but you may end up stuck somewhere without a power point when the battery runs out.


GPS – A feature that has popped up in travel-oriented cameras is GPS. These cameras append GPS location information to the EXIF data, allowing you to know exactly where your photo was taken when sorting through snaps after your trip.

Accessories – As well as finding the perfect camera, you also need the bits and bobs that go with it. Backing up your photos frequently onto a portable hard drive or laptop is also recommended.

Instead of lugging around a big tripod on your holiday, there are more portable alternatives, such as the GorillaPod, that cling onto most surfaces and are sturdy enough for a light SLR.

Protect your gear with the right camera bag. Photographers wanting an inconspicuous way to tote around an SLR or lots of accessories might want to look at a cross-body bag, with extra pockets for camera accessories.

Waterproof – Perhaps you’re heading to a beach for a surf or a jungle safari? You might want a waterproof, rugged camera that can withstand the elements, or look into a waterproof case for your compact.

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