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Temples of Angkor • Cambodia

by mythic44

It can only be imagined how French explorer Henri Mahout felt in 1860 when he stumbled upon the biggest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat

This forgotten metropolis of soaring towers, dramatic carvings and endless courtyards, swallowed up into the heart of the Cambodian jungle. But this is just one of many temples in the region known as Angkor. This journey is based on the land of ancient temples, five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exotic and welcoming cultures, hilltribe villages, colorful markets and stunning scenery. Siem Reap is the gateway city to the fantastic ruin sites of Angkor Archeological Park.

Angkor Archeological Park

Clamber over fallen stones and become lost amongst the ruins, discover their secrets for yourselves

Photographs fail to capture the restful atmosphere, and the majestic, silent power of the ancient trees. When you’ve seen the temples for real it is nothing like looking at images, Cambodia is now a safe country to visit and is one of the most beautiful. Discover South East Asia’s Ancient Kingdom that will fascinate you and leave you with a sense of astonishment. Visit ancient temples, hike through tropical jungles and meet warm, gracious people.

Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom – Today Angkor on the door and printed with the visitor’s photo. Those on a whistle stop visit should research which temples to visit, as the site is inexpressibly large and there are some interesting sites off the main tourist trail.

Ta Prohm – After Angkor Wat there are numerous other temples in the vicinity each with its own unique layout, carvings and features. One of the best is Ta Prohm, deliberately left in its state of collapse surrounded by the encroaching jungle, you get a real sense of adventure and discovery here with almightly trees wrapping their roots around and through the stone walls. Others not to be missed are Bantay Samre, a little further away, it resembles a small Ankgor Wat in a state of near perfect preservation. Preah Kahn should also not be missed with its never ending court-yards and semi-collapsed corridors in the centre of the 140 acre site.

There’s a lot of everything in Southeast Asia- lots of food, islands, clothes, drinking and lots of temples. You can’t turn a corner without seeing another temple. Visit as many as you can as each is unique to the country and region of the temple.

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