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Pirates of the Caribbean • Bahamas & Jamaica

by mythic44

Some of the best-known pirate bases were in Nassau, in the Bahamas, and Port Royal, in Jamaica

The Caribbean has long been known as a resort vacation destination for honeymooners and retirees, but a small movement toward eco-tourism and backpacking has started to open up the Caribbean to more independent travel. With year-round good weather, promotional air fares from Europe and North America, and hundreds of islands to explore, the Caribbean offers something for almost everyone.

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Bahamas and Jamaica – With a history built on piracy, the islands support a vibrant mix of cultures. The shifting sands on sheltered beaches come in many hues, from sugar white and salmon pink to coffee brown and charcoal black. It’s an archipelago intimately tied to the sea and you’ll fall under its spell the moment you taste the salt on your skin. This adventure trip is based on the legends from the era of piracy in the Caribbean which began in the 16th century. In the popular modern imagination, pirates of the classical period were rebellious, clever teams who operated outside the restricting bureaucracy of modern life.

You’ll forever remember seeing your first sea turtle float by and the sensation of grinning with a snorkel in your mouth

Climb high peaks whose forests redefine the word ‘green,’ where tropical birds flit about in flashes of color and fill the air with a symphony of squawks and song. Dance to rhythms of reggae, salsa and soca. Eat fresh seafood and spicy stews, and spend lazy afternoons snoozing in hammocks. And yes, you’ll likely have some drinks garnished with little umbrellas as you watch the sunset from a beautiful white-sand beach.

Piracy flourished in the Caribbean because of the existence of relatively lawless British seaports such as Port Royal in Jamaica

Piracy arose out of, and mirrored on a smaller scale, the conflicts over trade and colonization among the rival European powers of the time, including the empires of Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and France. Because Spain controlled most of the Caribbean, many of the attacked cities and ships carrying Aztec treasures from Mexico to Spain belonged to the Spanish Empire and along the East coast of America and the West coast of Africa. Some of the best-known pirate bases were New Providence, in the Bahamas from 1715 to 1725 and Port Royal after 1655. Among the most famous Caribbean pirates are Edward Teach or Blackbeard, Calico Jack Rackham, Henry Morgan and the most successful Bartholomew Roberts.

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