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The Odyssey • Pylos

by mythic44

Mycenean Pylos is an important archaeological site located on the western coast of the Peloponnese in Greece

Pylos is a town in Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece. The Bronze Age site, located at modern Epano Englianos some 9 km north-east of the bay, was first excavated by Carl Blegen in 1952. Blegen dubbed the remains of a large Mycenean palace excavated there the Palace of Nestor, after the Homeric ruler Nestor, who ruled over “Sandy Pylos” in the Iliad. Linear B tablets recovered from the site by Blegen clearly demonstrate that the site was called Pylos by its Mycenean inhabitants. The site of Mycenean Pylos was abandoned sometime after the 8th century BCE, and was apparently unknown in the Classical Period.

The continuous human presence, of which there is evidence from as long ago as the Neolithic Age. In later times -in the Bronze Age, Pausanias tell us – there was a prosperous settlement. Homer also quote ‘Sandy Pylos’ in Book 17 of the Odyssey about Telemachus travelling to Sparta in search of news of his father Odysseus.

We left for Pylos, Nestor too
the shepherd of the peoples,
And He, receiving me the king,
within his halls so lofty,
Embraced me with all
eagerness as father does
his youngling
His son back from long time abroad.

Homer, Odyssey
IX 108-112

Archaeological finds in the area have mostly been from tombs, bearing witness to the fact that in the following periods of history – Hellenistic and Roman times- Pylos remained a flourishing burgh.

To See & Do

  • Bay of Voidokilia
  • Lagune and Swamp of Gialova: with unique fauna and flora
  • Cave of Nestor (south of bay of Voidokilia
  • Bay of Navarino
  • Palace of Nestor (5 km north of Pylos, on the way to Kiparissia)
  • The ‘beehive’-tombs near
  • Sunset over Bay of Navarino and Sphacteria or at Gargaliani beach
  • Harbour of Pylos

How to Get There

  • There are good bus connections from and to the nearby towns of Methoni,Kalamata and Kiparissia. This connections get you further to Patra and Athens
  • You can get to Kalamata by train or airplane.
  • The taxi services in Pylos were always great and much used. So don’t hesitate to ask the price to get to and from Kalamata or Methoni.

Getting Around

  • You can rent motorbikes at a motorbike shop.
  • There is a taxi stand at the main square.
  • A bus-stop is also located at the main square. From there you get to the main towns around Pylos.

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