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The Odyssey • What Kind of Boat?

by mythic44

What kind of boat could we choose to navigate in the wake of Odysseus?

A modern ship would be the logical choice, equipped with a GPS navigation system, with a device to receive meteorological information, with instruments for current measurements and soundings. Moreover, the ship would have to fulfil following conditions :

The Odyssey

  • Be a sailing boat, like Odysseus’ boats, capable of approaching near to sea animals without frightening them.
  • Be a shallow-draught ship capable of approaching the shore without stranding in the difficult waters off Pylos, Troya, Syrtes and Libya, but be sufficiently strong to resist any possible running aground.
  • Be equipped with an auxiliary motor powerful enough to compensate for a team of fifty oarers, cope with extreme conditions such as storms and dead calms and produce enough electricity onboard.
  • Be equipped with one or two small annex boats powerful enough to land in all weathers so as well as to proceed to measurements of currents and sea grounds close to the shore.
  • Have a floating length permitting to withstand very high winds that may blow in the Mediterranean (up to force 8 and sometimes 11 in the Beaufortscale).

Ideal for this expedition is a shallow-draught cruise catamaran, very stable in fair winds, capable of accomodating a crew.

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