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Travel the world, experience lifestyles and culture, ancient lands filled with bustling bazaars, historic sights, and superb architecture. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wonderful museums, impressive ruins with exquisite stone carvings. Open your eyes to these incredible sites and experiences the world of mythology and legend has to offer.

  • The Aztec Empire • Mexico

    The Aztec Empire • Mexico

    From the awesome ancient cities to the gorgeous colonial palaces, through the superb museums and deep-rooted traditions Mexico’s ever-present past will never fail to enrich your […]

  • Pyramids of Egypt

    Pyramids of Egypt

    This trip is based on an ancient egyptian civilization and the Giza Necropolis The Giza Necropolis is an archaeological site on the Giza Plateau. This complex of ancient monuments includes […]

  • Temples of Angkor • Cambodia

    Temples of Angkor • Cambodia

    It can only be imagined how French explorer Henri Mahout felt in 1860 when he stumbled upon the biggest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat […]

  • Chachapoyas of Peru

    Chachapoyas of Peru

    This adventure trip is based on a mysterious and powerful civilization from the upper Amazon of Peru, the Chachapoyas, whose remnants you will explore in this journey Discovered in […]

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